Amazon Web Services in Action PDF Epub Free Download

Amazon Web Services in Action PDF Epub Free Download


This book introduces the most important AWS services and how you can combine them to get the most out of Amazon Web Services. Amazon Web Services in Action focuses on Linux as the operating system for virtual servers in the book. Examples are based on open source software whenever possible

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Roadmap through content:

Chapter 1 introduces cloud computing and AWS. You’ll learn about key concepts and basics, and you’ll create and set up your AWS account. Chapter 2 brings Amazon Web Services into action. You’ll spin up and dive into a complex cloud infrastructure with ease. Chapter 3 is about working with a virtual server. You’ll learn about the key concepts of EC2 services with the help of a handful of practical examples. Chapter 4 presents different approaches to automating your infrastructure. You’ll learn how to use infrastructure as code by using three different approaches: your terminal, a programming language, and a tool called CloudFormation. Chapter 5 introduces three different ways to deploy software to AWS. You’ll use each of the tools to deploy an application to AWS in an automated fashion. Chapter 6 is about security. You’ll learn how to secure your system with private networks and firewalls. You’ll also learn how to protect your AWS account. Chapter 7 introduces S3, a service offering object storage, and Glacier, a service offering long-term storage. You’ll learn how to integrate object storage into your applications to implement a stateless server by creating an image gallery. Chapter 8 is about block-level storage for virtual servers offered by AWS. This is interesting if you plan to operate legacy software on block-level storage. You also take some performance measurements to get a good idea of the options available on AWS. Chapter 9 introduces RDS, a service offering you managed relational database systems like PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle, and Microsoft SQL Server. If your applications use such a relational database system, this is an easy way to implement a stateless server architecture. Chapter 10 introduces DynamoDB, a service offering a NoSQL database. You can integrate this NoSQL database into your applications to implement a stateless server. You’ll implement a to-do application in this chapter. Chapter 11 lays the foundation for becoming independent of losing a single server or a complete data center. You’ll learn how to recover a single EC2 instance in the same or in another data center. Chapter 12 introduces the concept of decoupling your system to increase reliability. You’ll learn how to use synchronous decoupling with the help of load balancers on AWS. Asynchronous decoupling is also part of this chapter; we explain how to use SQS, a distributed queuing service, to build a fault-tolerant system. Chapter 13 shows you how to use many services you’ve learned about to build a fault tolerant application. In this chapter, you’ll learn everything you need to design a fault-tolerant web application based on EC2 instances, which aren’t fault-tolerant by default. Chapter 14 is all about flexibility. You’ll learn how to scale the capacity of your infrastructure based on a schedule or based on the current load of your system.

Release information:

Genre: Computers and Technology
Type: PDF
Release: October 17, 2015.
Language: English
Pages: 426 (in PDF)
Size: 40 MB
Authors: Andreas Wittig, Michael Wittig

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