The Art of Electronics 3rd Edition PDF Free Download

The Art of Electronics 3rd Edition PDF Free Download


The Art of Electronics evolved from a set of notes written to accompany a one-semester course in laboratory electronics at Harvard. That course has a varied enrollment – undergraduates picking up skills for their eventual work in science or industry, graduate students with a field of research clearly in mind, and advanced graduate students and postdoctoral researchers who suddenly find themselves hampered by their inability to “do electronics.”

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New in 3rd Edition:

  • an emphasis on devices and circuits for A/D and D/A conversion (Chapter 13), because embedded microcontrollers are everywhere
  • illustration of specialized peripheral ICs for use with microcontrollers (Chapter 15)
  • detailed discussions of logic family choices, and of interfacing
  • logic signals to the real world (Chapters 10 and12)
  • greatly expanded treatment of important topics in the essential analog portion of instrument design:
    – precision circuit design (Chapter 5)
    – low-noise design (Chapter 8)
    – power switching (Chapters 3, 9, and 12)
    – power conversion (Chapter 9)

This book can be used for a full-year electronic circuit design course at the college level, with only a minimum mathematical prerequisite; namely, some acquaintance with trigonometric and exponential functions, and preferably a bit of differential calculus. (A short review of complex numbers and derivatives is included as an appendix.) If the less essential sections are omitted, it can serve as the text for a one-semester course (as it does at Harvard).

Because of the significant expansion of topics and depth of detail, some topics had to be left behind that were treated in the second edition.

Release information:

Genre: Electronics
Type: PDF
Release: April 9th, 2015.
Language: English
Pages: 1225 (in PDF)
Size: 30 MB
Authors: Paul Horowitz, Winfield Hill

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