Campbell Biology in Focus PDF Free Download

Campbell Biology in Focus PDF Free Download


Based on the bestselling Campbell BIOLOGY, this new, shorter textbook provides undergraduate biology majors and their instructors with a more focused exploration of the key questions, approaches, and ideas of modern biology. Evolution is the central theme of all biology, and it is the core theme of this text

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Organization of the Text:

Campbell BIOLOGY IN FOCUS is organized into an introductory chapter and seven units that cover thoughtfully paced core concepts. In the course of streamlining this material, we have worked diligently to maintain the finely tuned coverage of fundamental concepts found in Campbell BIOLOGY. As we developed this alternative text, we carefully considered each chapter of Campbell BIOLOGY.

In some chapters, most of the material was retained; in other chapters, material was pruned; and in still others, the material was completely reconfigured.

  • In each chapter, a framework of carefully selected Key Concepts helps students distinguish the “forest” from the “trees.”
  •  Questions throughout the text catalyze learning by encouraging students to actively engage with and synthesize key material:
    • ? To counter students’ tendencies to compartmentalize information, Make Connections Questions ask students to connect what they are learning in a particular chapter to material covered in other chapters or units.
    •  Figure Legend Questions foster student interaction with the figures.
    •  Tiered Concept Check Questions test comprehension, require application, and prompt synthesis.
    •  Draw It Exercises encourage students to test their understanding of biology through drawing.
    •  Summary of Key Concepts Questions make reading the summary an active learning experience.

Release information:

Genre: Biological Sciences
Type: PDF
Release: January 18, 2013.
Language: English
Pages: 1080 (in PDF)
Size: 253 MB
Authors: Lisa A. Urry, Michael L. CainSteven A. WassermanPeter V. MinorskyRobert B. Jackson, Jane B. Reece

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