CURRENT Medical Diagnosis and Treatment 2013 PDF Epub Free Download

CURRENT Medical Diagnosis and Treatment 2013 PDF Epub Free Download


CURRENT Medical Diagnosis and Treatment 2013 PDF Epub Free Download (CMDT 2013) is the 52nd edition of this single-source reference for practitioners in both hospital and ambulatory settings. The book emphasizes the practical features of clinical diagnosis and patient management in all fields of internal medicine and in specialties of interest to primary care practitioners and to subspecialists who provide general care. House officers, medical students, and all other health professions students will find the descriptions of diagnostic and therapeutic modalities, with citations to the current literature, of everyday usefulness in patient care. Internists, family physicians, hospitalists, nurse practitioners, physicians’ assistants, and all primary care providers will appreciate CMDT 2013 pdf download as a ready reference and refresher text. Physicians in other specialties, pharmacists, and dentists will find the book a useful basic medical reference text.

CURRENT Medical Diagnosis and Treatment 2013 PDF Epub Free Download


Nurses, nurse-practitioners, and physicians’ assistants will welcome the format and scope of the CURRENT Medical Diagnosis and Treatment 2013 pdf download as a means of referencing medical diagnosis and treatment. Patients and their family members who seek information about the nature of specific diseases and their diagnosis and treatment may also find this book to be a valuable resource.

New in this edition of CMDT 2013 ebook download:

  • Addition of a new chapter on Women’s Health Issues
  • Updated CDC recommendations for adult and adolescent immunizations, including Tdap to prevent pertussis
  • Recommendations for anticoagulation and antiplatelet therapy for acute coronary syndromes
  • New algorithm for diagnosis and assessment of hypertension, and new sections on treatment of hypertension in the elderly and on treatment of hypertensive emergency
  • Update on use of the thrombopoietin receptor agonists, eltrombopag and romiplostim
  • New risk assessment model for deep venous thrombosis and new therapy for its prevention following hip or knee replacement
  • Updated guidelines for percutaneous coronary intervention, for coronary artery angiography and stent placement and for diagnosis of myocardial infarction by high-sensitivity troponin assay
  • New antiarrhythmic and anticoagulant treatments of atrial fibrillation and use of CHADS2 and CHADS-VASC scores to determine appropriateness of such anticoagulation
  • Update on new percutaneous technique for PDA closure and newer interventional approaches to aortic, mitral, and pulmonary valve replacement
  • Inclusion of new questionnaire methods to detect alcohol dependence, obstructive sleep apnea, cognitive dysfunction, and confusion
  • Review of benefits of screening mammography, prostate specific antigen testing, and transvaginal ultrasound and serum CA-125 testing
  • and much, much more…

Release information:

Genre: Medical, Nursing
Type: PDF, Epub
Release: August 23., 2012.
Language: English
Pages: 1968 (in PDF)
Size: 95 MB
Authors: Maxine PapadakisStephen J. McPheeMichael W. Rabow

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