DSM-5 Made Easy PDF Free Download by James Morrison

DSM-5 Made Easy PDF Free Download by James Morrison


DSM V Made Easy makes mental health diagnosis more accessible to clinicians from all mental health professions. In these pages, you will find descriptions of every mental disorder, with emphasis on those that occur in adults. With it, you can learn how to diagnose each one of them.

With its careful use, no one today would mistake that young college student’s manic symptoms for schizophrenia.

Download DSM-5 Made Easy: The Clinician’s Guide to Diagnosis by James Morrison PDF Ebook for Free


The first 18 chapters* of this book contain descriptions and criteria for the major mental diagnoses and personality disorders. Chapter 19 comprises information concerning other terms that you may find useful. Many of these are Z-codes (ICD-9 calls them V-codes), which are conditions that are not mental disorders but may require clinical attention anyway. Most noteworthy are the problems people with no actual mental disorder have in relating to one another. (Occasionally, you might even list a Z-code/Vcode as the reason a patient was referred for evaluation.) Also described here are codes that indicate medications’ effects, malingering, and the need for more diagnostic information.

Chapter 20 contains a very brief description of diagnostic principles, followed by some additional case vignettes, which are generally more complicated than those presented earlier in the book. I’ve annotated these case histories to help you to review the diagnostic principles and criteria covered previously. Only a small fraction of all DSM-5 diagnoses have been included in this section.

This book gives you clinically relevant and accessible information, written in simple, declarative sentences that describe what you need to know in diagnosing a patient.

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Release: April 11th, 2014.
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Pages: 666 (in PDF)
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