Fundamentals of Nursing 8th Edition PDF Free Download

Fundamentals of Nursing 8th Edition PDF Free Download


Fundamentals of Nursing PDF provides you with all of the fundamental nursing concepts and skills you will need as a beginning nurse in a visually appealing, easy-to-use format. We know how busy you are and how precious your time is.

As you begin your nursing education, it is very important that you have a resource that includes all the information you need to prepare for lectures, classroom activities, clinical assignments, and exams—and nothing more.

This book was designed to help you succeed in this course and prepare you for more advanced study. In addition to the readable writing style and abundance of full-color photographs and drawings, numerous features have been incorporated to help you study and learn.

Fundamentals of Nursing 8th Edition PDF Free Download


The Fundamentals of Nursing Eight Edition was revised to prepare today’s students for the challenges of tomorrow. This textbook is designed for beginning students in all types of professional nursing programs. The comprehensive coverage provides fundamental nursing concepts, skills, and techniques of nursing practice and a firm foundation for more advanced areas of study.

Fundamentals of Nursing provides a contemporary approach to nursing practice, discussing the entire scope of primary, acute, and restorative care. This new edition addresses a number of key current practice issues, including an emphasis on patient-centered care and evidence-based practice. Evidence-based practice is one of the most important initiatives in health care today. The increased focus on applying current evidence in skills and patient care plans helps students understand how the latest research findings should guide their clinical decision making.


  • Clear, engaging writing style
  • Comprehensive coverage and readability of all fundamental nursing content.
  • The attractive, functional design will appeal to today’s visual learner.
  • Hundreds of large, clear, full-color photographs and drawings reinforce and clarify key concepts and techniques.
  • Nursing process format provides a consistent organizational framework for clinical chapters.
  • Learning aids to help students identify, review, and apply important content in each chapter.
  • Evolve Resources lists detail the electronic resources available for the student at the beginning of every chapter.
  • Covers health promotion, acute and continuing care to address today’s practice in various settings.
  • A health promotion/wellness thread is used consistently throughout the text.
  • Nursing Care Plans guide students on how to conduct an assessment and analyze the defining characteristics that indicate nursing diagnoses.
  • More than 55 nursing skills and 25 procedural guidelines are presented.


Fundamentals of Nursing 8th Edition Study Guide PDF

Fundamentals of Nursing 8th Edition Clinical Companion PDF

Release information:

Genre: Medicine
Type: PDF
Release: April 5th, 2013.
Language: English
Pages: 1397 (in PDF)
Size: 179 MB
Authors: Patricia A. Potter, Anne Griffin PerryPatricia A. StockertAmy M. Hall

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