The Go Programming Language PDF Epub Free Download

The Go Programming Language PDF Epub Free Download


This book is meant to help you start using Go effectively right away and to use it well, taking full advantage of Go’s language features and standard libraries to write clear, idiomatic, and efficient programs.

The goals of the language and its accompanying tools are to be expressive, efficient in both compilation and execution, and effective in writing reliable and robust programs.

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Go is especially well suited for building infrastructure like networked servers, and tools and systems for programmers, but it is truly a general-purpose language and finds use in domains as diverse as graphics, mobile applications, and machine learning. It has become popular as a replacement for untyped scripting languages because it balances expressiveness with safety: Go programs typically run faster than programs written in dynamic languages and suffer far fewer crashes due to unexpected type errors.

The book consists of 13 chapters. Chapters 1 through 5 are thus the basics, things that are part of any mainstream imperative language. Go’s syntax and style sometimes differ from other languages, but most programmers will pick them up quickly. The remaining chapters focus on topics where Go’s approach is less conventional: methods, interfaces, concurrency, packages, testing, and reflection. Methods are covered in Chapter 6 and interfaces in Chapter 7. Chapter 8 presents Go’s approach to concurrency. Chapter 9 explains the more traditional aspects of concurrency based on shared variables. Chapter 10 describes packages, the mechanism for organizing libraries. Chapter 11 deals with testing, where Go takes a notably lightweight approach. Chapter 12 discusses reflection, the ability of a program to examine its own representation during execution. Chapter 13 explains the gory details of low-level programming.

Each chapter has a number of exercises that you can use to test your understanding of Go, and to explore extensions and alternatives to the examples from the The Go Programming Language book.

Release information:

Genre: Computers and Technology
Type: PDF
Release: November 5th, 2015.
Language: English
Pages: 2046 (in PDF, Epub)
Size: 42 MB
Author: Alan A. A. Donovan, Brian W. Kernighan

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