Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine 19th Edition PDF Free Download Volumes 1 and 2

Harrison’s Principles of Internal Medicine 19th Edition PDF Free Download Volumes 1 and 2


While retaining the founding goals of Harrison’s, this edition has been modified extensively in light of the varied needs of the book’s readers and the diverse methods and formats by which information is now acquired and applied. Harrison Internal Medicine 19th edition offers a thoroughly updated presentation of the classic pathophysiologic basis of clinical medicine and details the cutting-edge methods and tools that are now available for the assessment of symptoms and the effective management of diseases in the modern patient-care environment.

The text is supplemented by germane new photographs, radiographs, illustrations, atlases, patient-care algorithms, tables, and practical demonstrative videos.

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New to this Edition

Of particular note in this 19th edition are critical updates in the classic chapter on HIV/AIDS, which offers both a clinically pragmatic focus and a comprehensive and analytical approach to pathogenesis. The updates cover the latest treatment protocols and address the issue of combination prevention modalities, making the chapter the most up-to-date and comprehensive treatise on HIV disease available. Several other chapters likewise reflect the rapid pace of advancement in the field of immune-related diseases and their treatment. In this regard, Chapter 372e, “Introduction to the Immune System,” serves as a mini-textbook of immunology for use in immunology courses. In addition, a new chapter on IgG4-mediated disease summarizes an important and newly recognized constellation of entities.

Readers will find expanded coverage of the neurodegenerative diseases, highlighting advances in their classification and management and delineating the new understanding of mechanisms responsible for the deposition and spread of pathogenic protein aggregates in these disorders. The chapter on chronic hepatitis discusses in detail the dramatic new discoveries in the use of direct-acting antiviral agents for the treatment of hepatitis C virus disease; these agents are responsible for some of the most exciting therapeutic advances in medicine today.

The rapidly expanding application of genetic knowledge to medicine is covered in many chapters, including a new chapter on microbial genomics and infectious diseases and substantially updated chapters on the human microbiome and chromosomal genetic disorders.

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Release: April 8th, 2015.
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Authors: Dennis L. Kasper, Stephen L. Hauser, J. Larry Jameson, Anthony S. Fauci, Dan L. Longo, Joseph Loscalzo

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