Introduction to Genetic Analysis 10th Edition PDF Free Download

Introduction to Genetic Analysis 10th Edition PDF Free Download


Since its first edition in 1974, Introduction to Genetic Analysis has emphasized the power and incisiveness of the genetic approach in biological research and its applications. The tenth edition of Introduction to Genetic Analysis includes completely revised chapters on population and quantitative genetics, written by John Doebley, that integrate classical theory with cutting-edge genomic tools.

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Organization of the Text:

One of many goals of thsi book  is to show how identifying genes and their interactions is a powerful tool for understanding biological properties. From the beginning, the student follows the process of a traditional genetic dissection, starting with an overview in Chapter 1, followed by a step-by-step coverage of single gene identification in Chapter 2, gene mapping in Chapter 4, and identifying pathways and networks by studying gene interactions in Chapter 6. In the Introduction to Genetic Analysis tenth edition, a coverage of the new genomic approaches to identifying and locating genes were added, which are explored in Chapters 10 and 19.

The techniques chapter appears earlier in the book, as Chapter 10 in the tenth edition. This chapter introduces students to “retail” techniques commonly used in labs, while the first section of the genomics chapter (Chapter 14) focuses on the “wholesale” techniques used for massive genome sequencing projects. Both chapters have been updated to include modern methods used for solving genetics problems.

The tenth edition retains the enhanced coverage of model systems in formats that are practical and flexible for both students and instructors.

Release information:

Genre: Biological Sciences
Type: PDF
Release: December 24th, 2010.
Language: English
Pages: 862 (in PDF)
Size: 112 MB
Author: Anthony J. F. GriffithsSusan R. WesslerSean B. CarrollJohn Doebley

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