Looking Out Looking In 14th Edition PDF Free Download

Looking Out Looking In 14th Edition PDF Free Download


This edition of Looking Out,Looking In PDF retains the elements that have made it the bestselling interpersonal communication textbook for over four decades, used by over one million students.

Virtually every page spread contains an attention-grabbing assortment of materials that support the text: articles from print and online sources, poetry, cartoons, photography, and profiles of popular films and television shows.

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Looking Out, Looking In Book presents communication not as a collection of techniques we use on others, but as a process we engage in with them.

The discussion of gender and culture is integrated throughout the book, rather than being isolated in separate chapters. The treatment of these important topics is non-ideological, citing research that shows how other variables are often at least as important in shaping interaction. The basic focus of the chapters has remained constant, and Chapters 2 through 11 can be covered in whatever order works best for individual situations.

New to This Edition

Users of Looking Out/Looking In 14th Edition will find that the new edition has been improved in several ways while remaining true to its approach.

  • New chapter on close relationships – In response to many requests, the new Chapter 9 focuses on communication in the types of close relationships that matter most: with family, friends, and romantic partners.
  • Improved organization – Material on self-disclosure is now in Chapter 2, where it fits most logically with the topics of self and identity management.
  • Updated and expanded coverage – Most notably, coverage of social media has expanded to reflect the importance of mediated communication in personal relationships.
  • New examples from popular media – This edition is loaded with examples that depict how communication operates in a variety of relationships.
  • Updated sidebar readings – Compelling readings have distinguished Looking Out/Looking In from the beginning. This edition features a new lineup that shows how principles in the text operate in a wide range of settings and relationships.
  • New coverage of diversity – Throughout the book, Looking at Diversity profiles—many new to this edition—provide first-person accounts by communicators from a wide range of backgrounds.

Release information:

Genre: Communications
Type: PDF
Release: March 5th, 2013.
Language: English
Pages: 451 (in PDF)
Size: 30 MB
Authors: Ronald Adler, Russell Proctor

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