Machine Learning A Probabilistic Perspective PDF Free Download by Kevin P. Murphy

Machine Learning A Probabilistic Perspective PDF Free Download by Kevin P. Murphy


Machine Learning A Probabilistic Perspective adopts the view that the best way to make machines that can learn from data is to use the tools of probability theory, which has been the mainstay of statistics and engineering for centuries.

This book is suitable for upper-level undergraduate students and beginning graduate students in computer science, statistics, electrical engineering, econometrics, or any one else who has the appropriate mathematical background.

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Rather than describing a cookbook of different heuristic methods, this book stresses a principled model-based approach to machine learning. For any given model, a variety of algorithms can often be applied. Conversely, any given algorithm can often be applied to a variety of models. This kind of modularity, where we distinguish model from algorithm, is good pedagogy and good engineering.

The reader is assumed to already be familiar with basic multivariate calculus, probability, linear algebra, and computer programming. Prior exposure to statistics is helpful but not necessary.

The systematic application of probabilistic reasoning to all inferential problems, including inferring parameters of statistical models, is sometimes called a Bayesian approach. However, this term tends to elicit very strong reactions (either positive or negative, depending on who you ask), so we prefer the more neutral term “probabilistic approach”. Besides, you will often use techniques such as maximum likelihood estimation, which are not Bayesian methods, but certainly fall within the probabilistic paradigm.

You will often use the language of graphical models to specify our models in a concise and intuitive way. In addition to aiding comprehension, the graph structure aids in developing efficient algorithms, as we will see. However, this Machine Learning book is not primarily about graphical models; it is about probabilistic modeling in general.

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Genre: Computers and Technology
Type: PDF
Release: August 24th, 2012.
Language: English
Pages: 1098 (in PDF)
Size: 24 MB
Authors: Kevin P. Murphy

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