Outlander Book Series (1-8) PDF by Diana Gabaldon Free Full Download

Outlander Book Series (1-8) PDF by Diana Gabaldon Free Full Download


The “Outlander” series represents the smartest historical sci-fi adventure-romance story ever written. The Outlander Series is a collection of fiction works by Diana Gabaldon that include elements of romantic fiction, historical fiction, mystery, adventure, and science fiction.

Outlander Book Series (1-8) PDF by Diana Gabaldon Free Full Download


The story that started it all, introduced two remarkable characters, Claire Beauchamp Randall and Jamie Fraser, in a spellbinding novel of passion and history that combines exhilarating adventure with a love story for the ages.

These series include 8 books:

  1. Outlander – Absorbing and heartwarming, this first novel lavishly evokes the land and lore of Scotland, quickening both with realistic characters and a feisty, likable heroine.
  2. Dragonfly In Amber – This book basks the reader in lush descriptions of 18th century European history, from the political intrigue in the courts of King Louis XV of France, to the everyday life of a merchant, to the inner workings of hospitals of that time.
  3. Voyager – The third installment in Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series, is a sharp contrast to the previous book, Dragonfly in Amber. Whereas Dragonfly began and ended with Claire and Jamie separated for twenty years, Voyager, as the title indicates, is the story of Claire’s return to the past and to Jamie.
  4. Drums Of Autumn – So like the others in the series, Drums of Autumn (DOA) picks up right where the previous book Voyager left off with Claire and Jamie reuniting and making a safe landing in the Colonies after escaping the West Indies. Both Jamie and Claire begin to settle down and fall right into a more or less a ‘domestic routine’. Jamie and Ian are working to build a house, farm, and on-site clinic for Claire.
  5. The Fiery Cross – The Fiery Cross begins with the wedding of Jamie and Claire’s daughter Brianna (“Bree”) to Roger MacKenzie, a descendant of Jamie’s uncle, Dougal MacKenzie, and the time traveler Geillis. At this point in the saga, Bree is 23, Roger 30, Jamie 49, and Claire 54.
  6. A Breath Of Snow And Ashes – This sixth installment is much about the impending Revolutionary War but also much about the inhabitants of Fraser’s Ridge. Groups of men calling themselves the “Committees of Safety” are going around the back country of North Carolina burning out people who will not join their cause to support the Crown.
  7. An Echo in the Bone – An Echo in the Bone finds the Frasers in America at Fraser’s Ridge at the start of the Revolutionary War. The book follows quite a few storylines and view points this time, instead of sticking mostly with Claire. The main thread is Claire and Jamie. Jamie decides that in order to avoid meeting his illegitimate son William over the barrel of a gun in the war (Jamie is on the American side, William the British), he will avoid the war by returning to Scotland to retrieve his printing press. He would rather fight with words than with violence.
  8. Written in My Own Heart’s Blood – Written in my Own Heart’s Blood has several story lines, which is no problem for the fans who have been following the series from the start. We follow Jamie and Clare, of course, and we also follow Brianna and her kids, Roger and Buck, Fergus, Ian and Rachel, Lord John and William.

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