Rules for Writers 8th Edition PDF Free Download

Rules for Writers 8th Edition PDF Free Download


Many students want to turn to popular search engines for quick answers, but the real shortcut is right in their hands. Rules for Writers provides authoritative, trustworthy advice that’s easy to understand and apply.

And while writing-related resources on the Web offer information (sometimes accurate, sometimes not), they don’t off er the instruction students will fi nd in their handbook.

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An emphasis on critical reading – The second section of Rules for Writers — Academic Reading, Writing, and Speaking — has been substantially revised to emphasize the importance of reading to college research and writing.

Help with analyzing multimodal texts – A new chapter, “Reading and writing about multimodal texts” (pp. 80–91), introduces new genres and practical strategies for analysis.

More help for composing in a variety of genres – Writing guides throughout Rules for Writers (see pp. 76–77 for an example) help students work through college assignments in a variety of genres. New annotated sample papers provide helpful models.

Practical advice for public speaking – A new chapter, “Speaking confi dently” (pp. 119–23), helps students develop eff ective oral communication strategies, whether they’re writing a speech from scratch or turning a paper into a presentation.

More help with peer review and revising with comments – A new chapter, “Revising, editing, and refl ecting” (pp. 30–49), advises students on giving and receiving comments on assignments and applying feedback to revisions of their own work.

Research and documentation help for every course – Substantially revised sections teach students to fi nd an entry point in a debate and develop authority as a researcher. Students will fi nd new practical advice for writing a research proposal. Rules for Writers now includes more than 200 documentation models for sources in MLA and APA styles. And because some sources are especiallyhard to cite, new how-to boxes address tricky issues such as authorship of reposted online content.

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Genre: Writing
Type: PDF
Release: November 11th, 2015.
Language: English
Pages: 708 (in PDF)
Size: 20 MB
Authors: Diana Hacker, Nancy Sommers

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