Understanding Nutrition 13th Edition PDF by Whitney Free Full Download

Understanding Nutrition 13th Edition PDF by Whitney Free Full Download


What readers want, is an understanding of nutrition so they can make healthy choices in their daily lives. Understanding Nutrition 13th Edition presents the core information of an introductory nutrition course. The early chapters introduce the nutrients and their work in the body, and the later chapters apply that information to people’s lives—describing the role of foods and nutrients in energy balance and weight control, in physical activity, in the life cycle, in disease prevention, in food safety, and in hunger.

Understanding Nutrition 13th Edition PDF by Whitney Free Full Download


Every chapter in Understanding Nutrition 13th Edition PDF is followed by a highlight that provides readers with an in-depth look at a current, and often controversial, topic that relates to its companion chapter. For example, Highlight 4 examines the scientific evidence behind some of the current controversies surrounding carbohydrates and their role in weight gain and weight loss.

The art and layout in Understanding Nutrition 13th edition by Whitney have been carefully designed to be inviting while enhancing student learning. For example, numbered steps have been added to several figures to clarify sequences and processes.  In addition, special features help readers identify key concepts and apply nutrition knowledge. For example, when a new term is introduced, it is printed in bold type, and a definition is provided. These definitions often include pronunciations and derivations to facilitate understanding. The glossary at the end of the book includes all defined terms.

To keep the number of references manageable, however, many statements that appeared in previous editions with references now appear without them. All statements reflect current nutrition knowledge, and the authors will supply references upon request. In addition to  supporting text statements, the end-of-chapter references provide readers with resources for finding a good overview or more details on the subject. Nutrition is a fascinating subject, and the enthusiasm for it comes through on every page.

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Genre: Nutrition
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Release: July 27, 2012.
Language: English
Pages: 976 (in PDF)
Size: 129 MB
Authors: Eleanor Noss WhitneySharon Rady Rolfes

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