A Writer’s Reference 8th Edition by Diana Hacker PDF Free Download

A Writer’s Reference 8th Edition by Diana Hacker PDF Free Download


The goal of A Writer’s Reference eighth edition is to capture the energy and creativity that surround conversations about student writing, wherever they take place, and to provide students with a trusted reference that supports their development as writers.

A goal of the eighth edition was to develop a handbook that saves teachers’ time and increases students’ learning.

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Students now have even more tools to support the challenges they face as research writers: turning topics into questions, finding entry points in debates, and evaluating, integrating, and citing sources. This book helps students who are assigned to write an annotated bibliography, a core academic genre. In the eighth edition, students will find five new writing guides, helpful tools that offer step-by-step instruction for completing common college writing assignments, including writing an annotated bibliography.

The A Writer’s Reference 8th Edition shows students how to read carefully to understand an author’s ideas, how to read skeptically to question those ideas, and how to present their own ideas in response.

The handbook offers students a reading process, teaching them to read traditional and multimodal texts, research sources, their own work, and the work of their peers critically and reflectively.

Throughout the book, writing guides give tips for composing college assignments as podcasts, presentations, Web sites, and other alternatives to the traditional essay. New discussions of genre and sample papers in new genres (literacy narrative and reflective letter) align the book more closely with the goals of writing programs and the 2014 Council of Writing Program Administrators (WPA) outcomes.

Five new writing guides help students compose common assignments: argument essays, analytical essays, annotated bibliographies, reflective cover letters, and literacy narratives. The guides clarify the expectations of the genre; provide a step-by-step path as students explore, draft, and revise; and lay a foundation for writing in multiple disciplines.

Release information:

Genre: Writing
Type: PDF
Release: September 26th, 2014.
Language: English
Pages: 652 (in PDF)
Size: 30 MB
Authors: Diana Hacker, Nancy Sommers

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